Bishop Jonathan Maji President & Professor at Institute of Biblical Intelligence & Theological Studies in Abuja, NIGERIA

Jonathan_MajiI first met Dr. Bill and his wife Paivi in 2004 when they came to teach at our school and pastor’s conference. They helped us understand the richer meaning of the life of Jesus and how His Kingdom is fulfilled in our lives.

During this encounter a number of issues in the Bible about the Times and Life of Christ came to limelight; we have since been using Dr. Bill’s material as one of our major resources in getting our students taught the in-depth knowledge about this all important person-The Christ. This massive and expository research will serve us well on the institute dining table for as long as Christ tarries; it is an incomprehensible achievement.

Mysteries of the Messiah is an incredible resource that aids our faculty and students to better understand the gospels and ministry of Jesus. In a land where good, theologically solid study materials are limited, the work of Dr. Bill and his contributors is a most valuable resource. Thank you to Dr. Bill, Paivi, and all those who helped accomplish this masterpiece.


Bryant G. Wood, Ph.D. Associates for Biblical Research

Bryant-WoodAfter sixteen years of research in the US and Israel, Dr. William Heinrich, founder and director of Evidence of Truth Ministries, has produced an excellent on-line book on the life of Christ. In it he presents abundant historic and archaeological background information on the culture, life and times of our Lord. Dr. Heinrich provides extensive quotations from contemporary literary sources including Josephus, the Mishnah and the Talmud, as well as many photographs, on-site videos and video commentary from a multitude of experts in the field of New Testament studies. Mysteries of the Messiah opens up and enriches our knowledge of first-century Israel as well as illuminating the Jewish roots of Christianity. I heartily recommend this up-to-date resource for pastors, teachers and all students of the Bible who wish to have a deeper understanding of the culmination of earth history, when “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1:14).

Bryant G. Wood, Ph.D. is a biblical archaeologist and Director of Research for the Associates for Biblical Research. He is known for challenging Kathleen Kenyon dating of the destruction of Jericho, revealing how various archaeological artifacts uncovered by Dr. Kenyon prove the date of the destruction to correspond with biblical chronology of about 1400 B.C. He also authored about 90 articles for Zondervan’s Archaeological Bible and dozens of academic articles.


Edward Kabakjian Ed.D. Professor Emeritus of Teacher Education at the College of New Jersey

Edward-KabakjianEveryone has their own criteria they used when making a decision as to whether they will read a particular book or not.  There are a lot of variables that people use from time to time.  This is one of those opportunities that will challenge and tempt even those casual readers.  Follow my thought process for a minute and try to relate to the scenario that I present from a personal point of view. Let us just imagine for a minute that, over a period of a thousand years, members of your family documented events that influenced the beliefs, actions, and accomplishments that have been passed down to you over the generations.  Let us also assume that most of that family history took place in a culture foreign to your current personal knowledge and experience.  Suddenly you discover that someone has done extensive research bringing to light some of the factors that influence your life today.  Wouldn’t you be drawn to wanting to read a book reporting your exciting family heritage?  I know that I would. Mysteries of the Messiah is a book that reaches back two thousand years and reports the many cultural forces that became the focus of many of the actions and teachings of Jesus.  The environment in which Jesus lived influenced much of His teachings that we relate to today. Jesus was confronted with a mix of forces that included an entrenched Jewish culture with Greek, Roman, Egyptian influences and other thinking.  The political climate in Jerusalem, the state of the Jewish religion and its imposing leaders, and many other forces provided a platform for the themes and teachings of Jesus.  By knowing these forces and influences, the reader will develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the life and teachings of Jesus.  Christian heritage will take on new meaning and become more precious and valuable to the reader as they learn and appreciate all the forces that shaped Jewish and Christian history.  This book reveals an important aspect of the reader’s personal heritage, their Christian heritage.

It is the most comprehensive research on the life of Christ I have every read. Mysteries of the Messiah is a must read!

Dr. Gilbert A. Peterson Professor, President, and Chancellor Emeritus of Lancaster Bible College

Gil-PetersonDr. Bill Heinrich has provided scholars and laymen alike, who are interested in the historical and cultural background of Judaism and Christianity, a treasure of information and insights and facts concerning the Bible. Weaving a tapestry of scholarly material from a variety of ancient sources, with modern archeological and linguistic advances, this work will be extremely useful to any serious student of the Bible.

Rev. Dr. Charles F. Shaheen, Professor Full Gospel Assemblies Bible College in Lahore, PAKISTAN and Iso Kirja College in Keuruu, FINLAND

Charles-ShaheenI first met Dr. Bill and his wife Paivi in the summer of 2008, when he told me of his study on the history and cultural background issues that were prevalent at the time of Jesus. As an evangelist and Bible teacher, I was quite intrigued with his insights – and even more so when he said his study is over a thousand pages in length. He said he wished he could go to every Bible college to share this knowledge with both students and teachers, and leave his materials there so the teacher could carry on his work. Well, in 2012 I met Bill again and this time I saw a hard copy of his work, titled Mysteries of the Messiah, and it is the most exhaustive work I have ever seen. As a college professor I know this will benefit my students. So many questions that students have been asking are clearly explained. More importantly, I really appreciate Dr. Bill’s dedication to historical and theological accuracy.

Daryl E. Witmer, Executive Director Areopagus II America (AIIA) INSTITUTE

daryl-e-witmerVoluminous. Ingenious. Enlightening. Scholarly yet readable. A powerful testimony to the tireless dedication and discipline of its author over many, many years, here is an impressive resource for every serious believer, sensible seeker, and sincere skeptic. Mysteries of the Messiah will provide you with answers to questions that you didn’t even know you had, or at least hadn’t yet thought of asking. As a vocational Christian apologist, I have personally benefited and learned from William H. Heinrich’s outside-the-box approach to resolving difficult questions and alleged Bible conflicts in Table 5 [Answers to Questions Presented by Critics and Analytical Thinkers]. Have I yet examined every question in this section of the work? No. Have I always agreed with every detail of every answer provided? No. But I trust the author and so many of the scholars who have contributed to this project, because they — to quote the text itself – “passionately advocate that the Bible is to be believed and trusted because it is the written Word of the living God.” Thank you, Bill Heinrich, for selflessly making this extensive and valuable resource available to the world – and at no cost!