03.05.28 24 – 21 B.C. Famine in Judaea

03.05.28 Famine in Judaea

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03.05.28 24 – 21 B.C. Famine in Judaea

In the years 24 to 21 B.C., a famine fell upon the entire land east of the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the years 22 – 21 B.C., which threatened the survival of entire populations. It is believed to have been one of the worst since the days of King Ahab in the ninth century B.C. (1 Kg. 17-18).  While Herod is known for his incredible cruelty, at this time he demonstrated unusual acts of kindness.  Using his personal funds, he purchased grain from Egypt and insured the survival of his people. He also acquired sufficient clothing for the elderly, the infirm, and others who had difficulty caring for themselves, during the cold winters.[1]

[1]. Wilkinson, Jerusalem as Jesus Knew It. 26.

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