03.05.03 162 B.C. Hellenized Jews Kill 60 Hasidim Jews

03.05.03 Hellenized Jews Kill 60 Hasidim Jews

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03.05.03 162 B.C.  Hellenized Jews Kill 60 Hasidim Jews

Some scholars today believe the Hasidim were probably the closest religious group to biblical Judaism.[1] And the Hellenistic Jews did not care for them in the slightest. Alcimus, the High Priest of the temple had 60 Hasidim Jews crucified for being obedient to the Torah and objecting to him. Among those martyred was Jose ben Joezer, a priestly scribe (1 Macc. 7:16).  These executions reflect the civil unrest and hatred between Jewish sects throughout the country. The century of Jewish independence (165 – 63 B.C.) was like the book of Judges, or like the wild, wild American west in the 19th century. Some leading Jewish families of the high priesthood adopted Greek names – such as Jason and Menelaus – that horrified orthodox Jews.[2] It was not simply that they had Greek names, but that they identified themselves more with the pagan Greek culture than with their own Jewish faith and heritage. The significance of that identity change greatly diminished in later years as the use of Greek and Hebrew names became more commonplace. Yet, the influence of Hellenism created Jewish anti-Semitism as had never been experienced.

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