03.01.02 c. 4000 B.C. +/- Adam And Eve

03.01.02 Adam and Eve

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03.01.02 c. 4000 B.C. +/- Adam and Eve

God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They lived in close relationship with God, but soon accepted the temptation of Satan, fell into sin, and lost their close relationship. Since that time the entire history of the Bible has been focused on God and His work of reconciliation of mankind unto Himself. This work of God was completed by the ministry of Jesus the Messiah. Therefore, from the beginning, there was a prophecy predicting a coming Redeemer (Gen. 3:15 cf. Rom.16:17-20). That Redeemer would be Jesus.  When Luke wrote his gospel to someone with the Greek name Theophilus (Lk. 1:3), he recorded a genealogy that traced Jesus to Adam since the Greeks believed in a creation account, although not necessarily the narrative found in Genesis.

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