02.02.17 New Testament (NT)

02.02.17 New Testament (NT)

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02.02.17 New Testament (NT). The covenants of the Bible are, in fact, suzerainty covenants, which are defined as agreements between two unequal parties, where the stronger and more powerful party functions for the benefit of the weaker one.[1]  The New Testament (Heb. Brit Chadash) includes the gospels, which according the sequence of covenants, was still within the Old Testament Period.  The New Testament Period did not begin until Jesus walked out of the tomb (many believe it began on the day of Pentecost).  The New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament and its prophecies and promises. This new covenant, which is the fulfillment of the old, must therefore be used to interpret the Old Covenant. The gospels are placed in the New Testament, but historically, are in the Old Testament Period.  Jesus lived and functioned as an orthodox Jew under Old Testament rules and regulations.[2]

[1]. Payne, J. B. “Covenant (In the Old Testament).” 1:1102-03; See “Suzerainty Treaty” in Appendix 26.


[2]. See Dr. David Cook’s discussion of The Amazing Bible in 02.02.04.V.


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