02.01.11 Herodians

02.01.11 Herodians

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02.01.11 Herodians. This was a small political non-religious group, sometimes known as the Boethusians, after Boethus,[1] whose daughter Mariamne was one of the ten wives of Herod the Great. But some scholars believe the name “Boethusians” was just another name for a group within the Sadducees (Acts 4:1; 23:12-14).[2] These two opinions could very well be in agreement with each other, as at times specific details are less clear than is desired.

The Herodians were Roman sympathizers and individuals of prestigious status in the royal court, who always promoted their so-called “rightful” claims to the Jewish throne.  They were neither Roman agents nor servants, but Jews who were either secular or Sadducees.[3]  They are mentioned three times in the gospels as opponents to Jesus (Mt. 22:16; Mk. 3:6, 12:13), and Josephus mentioned them, as “those of Herod’s party.”[4]  The entire group was wiped out during the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70.


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