02.01.07 Gentiles

02.01.07 Gentiles

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02.01.07 Gentiles. This term refers to any person who was not a Jew or a Samaritan.[1] It is from the Latin word genus meaning of the same birth or race, as well as from the Greek word ethnos, meaning heathen.  Ethnos is also translated to the English word ethnic.[2] Jewish views of the Gentiles differed between two Jewish schools of biblical interpretation.  The School of Shammai[3]  taught that there was no possible salvation for the Gentiles, which was in total agreement with the Essenes.  The School of Hillel,[4]  however, taught that the mercy of God was extended to the Gentiles if they obeyed the Noahide Commandments; and if so, they could worship God in the Court of the Gentiles.[5]

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[5]. The Noahide Commandments were and continue to be, in the opinion of orthodox Jews, divine laws that Gentiles need to obey to obtain favor with God if they did not want to convert to Judaism. See Appendix 17 for more information.


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