06.02.01 Introduction

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06.02.01 Introduction. It would be only a matter of time until Jesus went to the remote village that for so many years was His boyhood home. As He came before the congregation in the synagogue, everyone saw Him as the neighborhood kid who grew up among them. The other children He once played with were now adults and had their own children. There were people whose homes He built or repaired, for whom He constructed furniture or agricultural implements. They knew that He was a good and obedient boy, one of whom any parent would be proud.


Some admired Him while others could not forget His illegitimate birth. They believed that since He was born out of wedlock, He was ineligible for the least of any religious duties. In fact, it is a wonder that He was even permitted to read from the sacred scrolls.  Maybe it was because He was such a fine young man in His youth in spite of His birth.  Or maybe it was because of the miracles and the exploding popularity He attained. Regardless, now the people of Nazareth would see this young man they thought they knew so well; and they passionately listened to every word – much to their surprise.

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