03.06.15 Jesus goes to the Temple

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03.06.15 A.D. 6 – 8 Jesus goes to the Temple

While the chronology at this point in history is somewhat difficult to determine with absolute certainty, if these events did not occur in the same year they most certainly happened within a year or two prior.  Jesus went to Jerusalem at the age of twelve to celebrate the Passover (Lk. 2:41-4­5) at which time He questioned the brightest intellectuals of the Second Temple Period (515 B.C. – A.D.70).  The tradition was that at the age of twelve the rabbis would ask the child questions to determine if the basics of the faith were understood.  But Jesus turned this around to the amazement of scholars and asked them questions.

Also significant to this event was that since there was a major revolt in the year 4 B.C., and another in A.D. 6, when Jesus was at the temple, every movement of every person was carefully observed by soldiers on the top of the Antonia Fortress.

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