03.04.11 Greek Seleucid Era Begins

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03.04.11 311 B.C. Greek Seleucid Era Begins

Seleucus I, who was a cavalry officer under Alexander, took control of Babylon marking the beginning of the Seleucid Era.  (A decade later Syria is captured.)   Seleucus I (312-280 B.C.) founded the Seleucid dynasty of Syria which ruled Syria, Asia Minor, Babylon, Samaria, and Judah (but Samaria and Judah disputed with the Ptolemies).  The Seleucids ruled from 323 to c. 125 B.C., but in the final years, their empire was being lost to competing empires a section at a time.[1]

[1]. Blaiklock, “Seleucids.” 16:1911-12.

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