03.04.06 Persia Falls to Alexander The Great

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03.04.06 334 B.C. Persia Falls to Alexander The Great

Beginning in 334 B.C., Alexander the Great (reigned 356-323 B.C.) and his Greek soldiers began to conquer the known world. After taking control of Syria, Tyre, and the Holy Land, he set forth to Persia which he conquered at the Battle of Issus.[1

The mighty Persian Empire and the eastern Mediterranean world was his in only ten years.[2]  His goal was to spread Hellenism,[3] which by definition is the forceful imposition of Greek culture, religion, and ways of life upon another people. His conquest was a “cultural conquest.” [4] However, Persia would not remain silent. Three centuries later during the reign of Herod the Great, the Parthian Empire would conquer the Persians, and together they would briefly invade the Holy Land.

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