03.01.06 Judges Ruled God’s PeopleAdd AppendiA

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03.01.06 1446 – 1050 B.C. +/- Judges Ruled God’s PeopleAdd AppendiA

During the four centuries after the Israelites entered the Promised Land, God ruled His people with a series of judges. They were twelve independent tribes who formed a loosely knit confederacy, squabbling during times of peace but fighting together against common enemies whenever the need arose.  The significance of this period in history is that this was when God ruled His people – or tried to rule His people.  They were an unruly bunch who grumbled and wanted a king. In fact, during these four centuries they committed some horrible acts of violence against each other and God. This history was written with kind words in the last chapter of Judges that says that in those days Israel had no king and everyone did as he or she wanted to do (Judg. 21:25). Therefore, since they wanted a king like other nations, God gave them what they wanted – and soon the first king was anointed for the position.

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