13.05.01 Introduction

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13.05.01 Introduction

As previously stated, most Jewish people were theologically aligned with the Pharisees.  They carefully observed and practiced the biblical regulations of life; they were the lowest level of Pharisees.[1] The next highest level was the local synagogue leaders who had the same passion to think, pray, and live a Torah-focused life.  However, they were frequently under the scrutiny of religious authorities above them; the aristocrats of Jerusalem. The fourth or highest level of Pharisees included the schools of Hillel and Shammai as well as other leading Pharisees were the subject of criticism and condemnation by Jesus. Centuries later, writers of the Babylonian Talmud also criticized them, and essentially, agreed with Jesus concerning the hypocrisy of the Pharisaic leadership.

[1]. See 02.01.14.Q1.


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